7 Day Morning Fitness Workouts

By | October 21, 2016

morning-exerciseWorking out at the same time every day has its own share of advantages. When you exercise in the morning, one of the greatest benefits you can enjoy is that it improves your body metabolism. You will get more energy to continue doing your chores throughout the day. Besides, during early morning hours, all the important hormones in the body which can build muscle mass are most active. Another reason to opt for fitness workouts in the morning is because you are less likely to skip them as there are far fewer distractions early in the morning. You can choose from any of these workouts to keep yourself feeling fit and healthy:

  • Lunge Kicks: To perform these, you must stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend your elbows to place the arms n your sides. You have to lunge forward using your left leg so as to swing the left arm back and the right arm in front. You must switch sides to complete a set of lunge kicks.
  • Squat Jumps: Here, you have to squat down to get the knees in a 90 degrees position. You must swing your arms above your head and then jump upward as much as you can. When landing, you should gently bend the knees to get back into a squat posture.
  • Single Leg Planks:  You need to hold yourself in a plank position with elbows below the shoulders, toes flexed and shoulder blades down and back. When the body is in a straight line, you need to engage your abdominal muscles to raise the right leg upwards. You need to balance the weight using the forearms and the stabilizing leg for about a minute and then switch the legs to repeat the same movement.
  • Mountain Climbers: With your face on the floor, you need to stretch your arms out and touch the ground with the knees. You can lift yourself in that position; making sure those hands are below the chest directly but a width more compared to the shoulders. You must then stretch the left leg out for stability. The right knee is bent and brought directly to your right hand. You have to then go back to the first position after lifting the right knee and repeat with the left leg.
  • Chair Dips: These are very effective morning workouts and can be performed easily; you simply have to sit on the edge of a chair with the feet together. You must place the hands on the chair edge and face the knuckles outwards. While performing the chair dips, it is important not to flex the arms too much; you need to engage your abs and butt instead. To do the dips, you have to bring your body lower slowly while inhaling and then lift yourself up slowly while exhaling.
  • Glute Bridges: Another useful 7-day morning workout is the Glute Bridge where you have to lie down on the back with bended knees and hands at the sides. You must place the feet shoulder-width apart and use the needs to push to raise the hip off the floor. The back is held straight as you breathe out. You need to hold the posture for a few seconds and then return to the original position.
  • Burpees: For this, you must sit in a squat position, placing hands ahead of you and then kick the feet backwards without removing the hands from the floor. You need to lower your chest to do a push-up after which you kick back your feet to the original position to stand up straight and jump.