Weightlifting Ideas for Beginners

By | October 21, 2016

When you are new to the world of weightlifting, it is likely to scare 002eb76c7bbb9fdabc875d572576bfabyou at first because lifting weights appears to be a daunting challenge. So, it is not unusual for first-time weight trainers to feel intimidated and nervous. However, you can make use of some easy tips that will help you to improve your weight training methods and allow you to achieve your fitness targets. When you are able to imbibe these practices into your lifestyle, you will find that you are more energized and fully ready to conquer that frustrating weight plateau.

  • The first thing to remember for beginners is to sleep as much as they can and train for lesser number of hours. When you train too frequently for longer durations and do not get sufficient sleep at night, you can fall ill and become emotionally weak to handle tough training situations.You need to understand that growth hormones work most actively when you rest; their secretion is enhanced during sleep and this is why it important to rest well so that the muscle tissue get time to repair and grow back. Moreover, if you train too much, there are higher chances or risks of injury.
  • To get a well-sculpted body or build muscle mass, you have to eat well so that the muscles get sufficient energy. It is therefore important to increase your calorie intake when you start weight lifting training.
  • You need to decide on a goal whether you wish to bulk up or slim down or get more defined muscles. Once you have decided on a goal, it is also important to choose a frame.
  • It is also important to keep a healthy mental attitude so that you can stay focused on your goals. You can post this on the wall to keep reminding yourself about your goals. It may also help to start weightlifting training with someone else so that you stay focuses and accountable.
  • When you start off, you should make it a point to begin with only light weights; this will tone the muscles when you use more repetitions. But heavier weights with few reps can build muscle size.
  • Once you are comfortable using lighter weights, you should move on to heavier weights instead of getting stuck with one routine. For instance, you can try to add 10 pounds every month to bench presses.
  • It is also important not to work out the same muscle groups twice over; introducing variety in the workouts is more effective as it ensures that you will not over work any one area.
  • When working out your upper body and middle-sections you should not overlook your legs. Leg workouts are equally vital when you perform weightlifting training.
  • You have to also bear in mind that you need at least two days of rest every week to let the muscle groups heal and recover. You must not lift weights every day; you need to rest and sleep well because without rest, the muscles will not get energized.
  • You need to stretch and flex the muscles both before and after the workouts to avoid muscle pains. When you stretch and flex during the exercises, you can keep blood flowing into the muscles and avoid injuries.

Finally, weightlifting may prove dangerous unless you hold the right posture every time. Another thing to remember is that nutrition supplements and protein shakes are not enough for building muscle mass; it is imperative that you stick to a healthy diet.